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FC2 Pack

Due to the overwhelming request from women, Pamco has developed the ONLY retail package of this product available in Canada. The FC2 is available in a conveniently sized three-pack, empowering women by allowing them a choice in contraceptives. The nitrile polymer is non-allergenic and forms an effective barrier against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies, making it highly acceptable with both men and women.

Not sure where to go and get a sampler or bulk pack of FC2 Female Condoms.
We have you covered!

FC2 Starter Pack (6pcs.)
$25.00 + Taxes, Shipping & Handling

Try a 6 pack of
FC2 Female Condoms.

FC2 Bulk Pack (20pcs.)
$70.00 + Taxes, Shipping & Handling

Our bulk pack comes with
20 FC2 Female Condoms.

Latex Dams Pack

Be the first to offer Latex Dams for retail! Pamco is proud to offer the highest quality dams, made from Malaysian Latex, now in a retail format! The Latex Dams come in a box of 5 assorted flavours: Mint, Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry and Banana. These dams, at 6”x10”, are the largest size currently available in the Canadian market.

Try a ten pack of assorted flavour
6030-R Dental Dams

6030-R Dental Dams Starter Pack (10pcs.)
$25.00 + Taxes, Shipping & Handling

Try a 10 pack of 6030-R Dental Dams.

ONE Bulk Condom Pack

Now available for your convenience the ultimate condom and lube combo pack. You will receive 40 ONE universal premium lubricated condoms all with unique foil designs, 10 LUX silicon lubricant single use packs, along with a ONE pocket compact, all in a convenient to use storage pouch.

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1100-LXC ONE Condom Bulk Pack with Personal Lubricant

ONE Bulk Condom Pack with Personal Lubricant
$35.00 + Taxes, Shipping & Handling

Try the ONE Bulk Condom Pack today.

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PAMCO offers a variety of health products with flexible options that meet the needs of clinical organizations. Pamco is a full service health product supplier offering male and female condoms, dental dams, lubricants and educational materials.

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